Sorriso knitwear presents 150 garments from its spring collection, reflecting the widely diversified product line-up proposed by the company, in terms of womenswear of medium/high quality, shirts, cardigans and coordinates with a special focus on knitted skirts.
Sorriso produces 100% Italian-made womenswear by paying undivided attention to quality and market trends.
The yarns used for winter articles include wool blends, cashmere blends, mohair and alpaca; for the summer season, the choice falls on natural viscose, cotton and viscose jersey yarns. Sorriso makes shirts, cardigans, T-shirts, and coordinates, and specialises in the production of knitted skirts, in both normal and large sizes.
Our private label service is available to develop prototypes, whether based on our sample collection or made to customer specifications.


Address: Via Lago Santo, 14
41012 Carpi (MO)
Phone: +39 059 654660
Fax: +39 059 650238
Email: [email protected]