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S.E.A. srl was founded in 1988 by the will of the founders Erminia and Giorgio Carretti that still guide the company, and was the logical consequence of the experience they gained in the sector since 1974. A career path that, from then to now, has been absolutely clear and correct attitude towards civil society and market, suppliers and customers. This allowed S.E.A. srl to grow by acquiring the highest levels of professional credibility, industrial and commercial. S.E.A. srl has always focused more on quality than quantity of the product. The choice of customers to serve has always been addressed to the high-end of the market, primarily the Italian boutiques. The predilection for the man’s lines has never been an obstacle to the creation of woman’s lines with high-profile contents. S.E.A. produces everything concerning the world of knitted and fabrics as follows: Man’s and woman’s knitwear such as sweaters, blazer, Montgomery, cardigan, polo, etc… ” in gauges 3 – 5 – 7 – 8 – 12 – 14 – 16 – 18 Cut and sew knitwear such as T-shirts, shirts, polo shirts, blazers, trousers, women’s suits, sweaters, sweatshirts, in cotton and wool fabrics. To do this S.E.A. employs the most qualified suppliers such as Loro Piana (for cashmere); Lana Gatto – filatura di Tollegno for merinos. To get a more personal characterization of the materials to use, SEA frequently used raw materials in the raw state. When this happens, the ennobling of the dyeing and processing materials are made in laboratories next to the company and, where appropriate, in close collaboration and technical assistance to the suppliers of yarns and fabrics. S.E.A. employs highly qualified suppliers and high quality standards laboratories. However, checking (random but with continuity) the intrinsic quality of corporate work as well as the quality of the materials it receives from its suppliers, SEA takes advantage of the close and ongoing collaboration with the “Textile Quality Laboratory” of Carpi. The whole production is made entirely in Italy, in laboratories close to the company and under the direct control of internal staff. The most qualifying and creative stages remain inside the factory: evolution of the product in its technical and stylistic components, prototyping, quality control, production planning, logistics as well as administrative functions. The Company’s headquarters is in Carpi (Modena) – Italy, in a factory owned by the company itself. Carpi is a town where the knitting is the main activity and it’s also home to many clothing brands of international importance. The capital of S.E.A. srl is €. 1,100,000 S.E.A. srl produces about 75.000 garments per year. The production capacity is still well above that, as a consequence of its well-established network production structure. SEA bills near to four million euros that are generated almost entirely from the sale of products related to trademarks; the remaining production is sold to major brands. S.E.A. is on the market with two trademarks: bellwood WISE GUY bellwood Since 2004, S.E.A. Srl has acquired Bellwood, a Brand with a high level of quality. The choice was to increase the already high level of quality and incorporate fashion contents. Since then everything Bellwood produces is knitted garments: from chunky sweaters “hand made” style, to the thinner gauges such as 18 and also has a vast selection of t-shirts and polo shirts in cotton and wool. The philosophy that underlies the evolution of Bellwood is in four simple steps: • current style, • high-quality product, • excellent price / quality ratio • Service. The consequence is that Bellwood is fully inserted within the range of luxury products for men. The right balance between innovation and tradition, style and fashion, has been the strong point in winning the favor of the more demanding men. These references are in Bellwood mind when designing the collections, a strong man and conscious, inserted in the vanguard of his time and his own role. The materials used are always pure fiber and the rare use of synthetic components has only a technical function in order to produce effects not otherwise reachable The precious yarns such as cashmere, silk, cashmere and pure wool are used in the highest degree of purity and quality and processed with ennobling that make them very current. Using this philosophy Bellwood ha proposed with great success fine cashmere and merino wool in vintage appearance, thus beginning a path of innovation that today, in a continuous evolution, has led to propose new dyes with handmade spray. In the summer period the proposals are all focused on the quest for freshness and lightness. Even in summer the use of yarns in Bellwood is only in the more precious ones: fine cottons, lightweight silk-cashmere, pure high quality linen, piqué and jersey cotton or washed pure silk are the best offers on the market in terms of quality. The application of quality as production philosophy finds its extreme exemplification in the use of piqué yarn made with “filo scozia” to produce even the polos with aging treatments. The products are all made in Italy Bellwood and with Italian yarns. The production takes place in Italian laboratories under the guidance of understanding but severe “teachers” of the traditional Italian craftsmanship. The fit is systematically updated and represent a strength of the brand, slim but not tight. Bellwood mixes these factors of high quality with great attention to the evolution of costume and fashion. The important garments that Bellwood offers, just because they’re built with fine materials, are never excessive and usually allow for extended use over time, this because Bellwood want to be in fashion, but even more important is to be considered proponent of style. Bellwood is present at the following tradeshows: Florence: Pitti Immagine Uomo Milan: White homme The average consumption ranges from € .100,00 a €. 350.00. The distribution on qualified high-end boutiques completes the full range of strategic options for the brand. The distribution is done through a sales network of agents covering the whole Italian territory. Bellwood now distributes its products in about 350 carefully selected boutiques in the Italian territory and is beginning to face, with good results, world markets with the same high level of distribution. Outside of the Italian territory Bellwood is represented by an agent or distributor in the following markets: Germany-Switzerland-Austria Benelux Japan Russia and former Soviet Union countries NB: The images accompanying refer to the 2010-2011 winter season WISE GUY It ‘a recent project that proposes a range of men’s products placed on strongly influenced fashion and advanced research matters . It ‘is therefore impossible to give an identification to the line style that evolves seasonally, depending on the latest trends. It ‘a product line to see, because the constant evolution makes impossible a necessarily static description. The collection consists of knitwear and knitted fabrics in jerseys and similar. The materials used are of high quality and the use of artificial or synthetic materials is subject to technical requirements designed to achieve particular effects not otherwise reachable. It’s a proposal that reflects the selectivity of topics in number and therefore does not exceed the 50/60 garments inside which also develops a woman “capsule collection”. The materials used are of high quality even when the product has an aspects heavily “used”. The technical skills and the experience on the product of SEA get possible to obtain the most daring simulations of wear of the product without it having actually broken or worn out. In the first sales campaign were about 85 stores served on the Italian market which is the only one in which the brand is distributed. Corporate challenge to cover the Italian market is the achievement of 180 shops. Not beyond. NB: The images accompanying refer to the 2011-2012 winter season The company expects for WISE GUY, at the time, an exclusive distribution on the Italian market. WISE GUY exhibits at “White Homme” in Milan