“Gil” has been creating womenswear since 1986, providing its direct clients, international distributors, and brands, with a great competitive advantage both in Italy and abroad. Gil products that are fully and solely Made in Italy, with its brand, GIL e GISELLA M, for Private Labels and the ready to wear market. GIL is a well-established company in the womenswear industry.
Products include: T-shirts, jerseys, cardigans, dresses, tops, skirts, and jersey trousers. Every detail is important: refined style, attention to the trends of the moment, and careful selection of the materials give Gil and Gisella M collections a unique character, enriched with embroidery, prints and special details. Our Italian-made products are created in Carpi and are developed thanks to an extensive network of collaborators, which includes craftsmen and local suppliers, who represent the historical richness of the Carpi textile district.
Gil Srl meets the requirements of its clients with promptness, flexibility, and dynamism, producing even programmed lines. Sensitivity, ability, and professionalism are applied to both their own brands and the Private Labels; Gil is a company that operates with enthusiasm and determination to provide Italian-made products with the best quality-price ratio that can be customised according to customer requirements.


Address: Via Beniamino Franklin, 5
41012 Carpi (Mo) Italy
Phone: +39 059 696080
Fax: +39 059 644116
Email: [email protected]